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Frequently asked questions

Our goal is to make sure that we provide you with the best support to ensure that you are using Lublu products properly. We will continue to add frequently asked questions to this page so check back often. If you need additional help please reach out to us via email at

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The backpack seems to ride up to my neck once I put the baby in the carrier?

It seems like you skipped step #8 in Instructions page on the website.

Make sure that you pull the leg straps all the way down and away from the backpack to ensure that the shoulder straps on a backpack fit snug around your arms.

Check out the videos for visual instructions.

Before you put on a baby carrier - video

The green arrow shows an example of shoulder pads with a snug fit around your arms.

Can the carrier be purchased alone?

The backpack is intended to be the base of the Lublu system. Thereafter, you can purchase any add-ons such as a wrap or a carrier. Once you have purchased a backpack be creative and show your personality with many color combinations.

Is the carrier and a wrap machine washable?

Yes they are!

Refund Policy

Product Return Policy

Lublu products have a 30 day return or exchange policy. Product must be returned in original packaging, in original condition and shipping cost refund is excluded.

If the fit is not correct or if you have questions about proper use please contact with questions and we would be glad to help you out.

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All the legal stuff...

This product is protected for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty includes the backpack, carrier, and a wrap. Lublu Carrier and Wrap stands behind the product and promises to deliver the product without any damage. If you notice a defect within 6 months of purchase, please contact your retailer for a replacement, otherwise contact us through our website for repair. You must provide a receipt for original purchase. Please be advised that Lublu Carrier and Wrap will only replace or repair a product if the original defect is discovered prior to use.

This includes faulty buckle, snaps or defective zippers. Lublu Carrier and Wrap will not replace parts after normal use as it is unknown whether the user used the products by ignoring instructions including weight limits, etc. Warranty will be immediately voided upon improper use and care.