Our story...

Our story is one that a typical parent faces each day: you don’t have what you need when you need it most!!!

As my middle child began to gain independence and walking on her own, we would pack a diaper bag to help us get through our adventures in the city. The first 15 minutes were always blissful as we observed each dog, looked at the beautiful architecture and waved hello to everyone passing by. Then, without a warning, her legs would buckle, and the blissful walk would turn into an instantaneous nightmare – she no longer wanted to walk and demanded to be carried. Finding myself multiple times in this situation I remember thinking, “I wish the baby carrier would fit in my diaper bag – I never have my carrier when I need it”.

In 2016, I gave myself a challenge to figure out the best way to always have the carrier when I need it most without lugging around a baby carrier that is the same size as my diaper bag. After years of trying, failing, never giving up and finally succeeding: Lublu Carrier came into this world.

The goal was to give parents versatility of having a diaper bag and a carrier always available to fit every child’s demand of wanting to walk or to be carried. Whether they are craving the freedom to run or wanting your gentle embrace – you will always be there when they need you most.

We hope you will enjoy Lublu products for years to come!

Lublu Family

My children are my inspiration!

Best time to create a prototype was between 11pm and 2am!

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