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Lublu Diaper Bag

Lublu diaper bag is specifically designed with a caretaker in mind. Lublu bag unzips down the middle to give you better organizing power. This bag includes 16 compartments/pockets so you can keep everything neat and at your finger tips. The diaper bag also has a deep pocket that runs along the back in case you want to pack a book or a laptop. This diaper bag will be your favorite bag for all of your needs!

$99.00 USD

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Baby Diaper Bag NYCBaby Diaper Bag OnlineBaby Diaper Bag FloridaBaby Diaper Bag Virginia Baby Diaper Bag TexasBaby Diaper Bag Californiababy diaper bag and travel cot

- Comes with a complimentary diaper changing pad
- Lublu Bag has upper and lower compartments for convenient organization
- Side pockets are 14” deep for storage of larger items
- Pockets on shoulder straps for quick access to smaller items like binky, phone, or keys.
- Shoulder straps detach to easily convert into a baby carrier.
- 16 pockets for super organizers
- Stroller clips
- Comes in 7 different colors
- Diaper bag is lightweight
- Size: 14” W x 5” D x 18” H

**carrier and wrap sold separately

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Check out how the size of our soft carrier compared to other brands...

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Not to mention, you can fit an entire baby carrier in one compartment. Now you don’t have to sacrifice space for a baby carrier.  Relax and be prepared for whatever adventure your day brings!

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  • baby diaper bag and travel cot
  • Baby Diaper Bag NYC
  • Baby Diaper Bag California
  • Baby Diaper Bag Florida
  • Baby Diaper Bag Texas
  • Baby Diaper Bag Virginia
  • Baby Diaper Bag Online
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Green diaper bag
Black diaper bag
Diaper bag colored light grey
Brown diaper bag

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$99.00 USD

Diaper bag
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