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Lublu Baby Carrier

Lublu carrier is a perfect compliment to a diaper bag. It was carefully designed to give your child the ultimate comfort. Our carriers are certified by Hip Dysplasia Institute as a healthy hip product. Center of the carrier opens for additional ventilation. Lublu carrier includes 2 extensions with clips for a pacifier or a small toy. With several color options, Lublu carrier will fit everyone's taste!

*** Lublu soft carrier clips into a diaper bag so make sure to purchase a diaper bag first.

$79.00 USD

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- Measures at just 7”L x 6”H x 5” W when folded
- Front zippered pocket can be unzipped for breathability
- Head cushion to be adjusted based on child's age
- Padded waist band for comfort
- Shoulder straps with built-in clips so you never drop a binky or a chewy toy
- Weight: 8lbs to 45 lbs

***Diaper bag and wrap sold separately

See how small the carrier is compared to traditional baby carriers?
Now you don't need to sacrifice space needed in a diaper bag to always have a carrier when you need it most.

You are very welcome!!!

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Our patented design allows you to wear Lublu system in any kind of combination. Simply attach shoulder pads to either the backpack, a baby carrier or both. It's that easy.

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$79.00 USD

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