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Lublu Diaper bag
Diaper Bag
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Lublu Diaper bagBest diaper bag in USABest Diaper Bag online

diaper bag and Baby carrier

Lublu is grow-with-me product. While you may use it as primary means of carrying your child in their earlier years, baby carrier becomes more obsolete with time. Lublu is compact enough that you don’t need to specifically pack a bulky baby carrier in a diaper bag – it’s always available IF you need it.

Our patented design allows the carrier to be half the size of a regular baby carrier when folded and takes up 20% of room in your diaper bag.

We know that children often want to walk, then be carried and walk again - it's nice to know that you will always be prepared.

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Mom holding a child while walking in the city
Baby carrier inside
takes up 20% of space

How Does it work?

How does it work?

Our baby carrier folds in a small rectangle to take up least amount of space in your diaper bag. Take a look below at how easy it is to always have a baby carrier available.

Carrier instructionsBaby carrier in handsMom holding a baby in a baby carrier

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Tell me more about Lublu...

Amount of room in your diaper bag matters

Our goal was to create a baby carrier that doesn't take up the entire space in a diaper bag - mission accomplished!

Baby carrier's compact design takes up less than 20% of the bag space. Giving you space to pack all the things that matter for those messy moments (if you know what we mean).

Sure, we would love to!!! Lublu system consists of three parts: backpack, shoulder pads, and a carrier/wrap.

Now start combining:
shoulder pads + backpack -- gives you a diaper bag.
shoulder pads + baby carrier -- gives you a baby carrier.
Finally, you can clip them all together for combo.

No more overlapping shoulder pads when you try to wear a backpack and a carrier.

Best baby carrier USA
patent no.: 10,945,518 B1
The best kind
of "prepared"

Being truly prepared is an artform that only a few can master. Lublu makes it easy to feel like a superhero that you are.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted in a Bag diaper.
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For all the super organizers, this is PERFECTLY you!

Lublu Bag is conveniently separated into upper and lower half of the backpack – no more digging deep into a bag to get what you need.

It's super easy to stay organized with Lublu! We believe that a perfect diaper bag should be full of organizing compartments. You don't need to keep food in the same area where you keep your clothes.

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Compare the difference...

Who said size doesn't matter?! It sure does when you have limited space in your diaper bag. With our patented, compact design you now have extra room to pack for your adventure.

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Fall in love with your adventure!

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Comes in 7 different colors

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Discover Lublu

Try Lublu Diaper Bag and baby carrier and discover how easy it is to always be prepared on the go!

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Lublu products have a 30 day return or exchange policy.  Product must be returned in original packaging, in original condition and shipping cost refund is excluded.
Lublu products have a 30 day return or exchange policy.  Product must be returned in original packaging, in original condition and shipping cost refund is excluded.

Everything you’ve ever wanted in a Bag diaper.

Lublu Diaper Bag is the only bag that you will need to be prepared for everything.

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